The wounded Amazon of Kresilas

Here you see a picture
of  the first  published,
fully preserved Amazon 
of the type Mattei. It  is
the only intact authentic
terracotta  statuette  of 
this type we know of.

The  ancient  authenticy
is  confirmed  by  termo-
luminescense   analysis.

The expertise confirms:
-       fired  in antiquity,
-       2,500 years ago
        +/- 20 %.

Until today the archaeo-
logists   did  not  find  a
sculpture, that shows an
entirely preserved Ama-
zon type   Mattei.  
To  understand the con-
structionand  iconogra-
phy of the classic Greek
bronze     statues,    they
made a complete recon-
struction with help   of   
preserved fragments of   
Roman  marble copies. 
In the past for instance,
they used the head of the
Amazon type Sciarra to 
complete the preserved
headless   copy   of  the
Amazon type Mattei.
The wounded Amazon of Kresilas                                        


The here shown antique statuette is very important for the knowledge about the Amazons of Ephesus.

Scientifically important is that the
terracotta shows us  that the Amazon type Mattei is a women warrior holding a bow. Also solved  is the controversial and  much debated  question of the com-
petition between the ancient sculptors, which made  the three  preserved wounded Amazon types and which one of them has built the best ( See M.  Weber,  Neues zu  den Amazonen   von  Ephesus, THETIS  15,  Verlag  Franz  Philipp Rutzen, Mannheim 2008 ).


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